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  • Cycle For Hope 
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  • SCF Children’s Academy Inaugural Golf Charity Game 21st Oct 2022
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Promote and develop the sport of cycling and offer pathways for the athlete's development through a series of academy and developmental programs.


  • A progressive and year-long programme for school students, targeting those from primary to secondary school levels.
  • Outreach and mass participation activity 
  • Talent Identification – Technically gifted students will be invited to train as part of a national youth squad for higher-level competitions.

School Benefits

  • It is in line with the nation’s call for school-going children and youth to be exposed to organised outdoor and adventure-type activities.
  • It is an added opportunity to keep our kids “off the streets” and being engaged in an organised and healthy activity.
  • Through the programme, your students will learn about resilience and can build bonds and friendships outside of school.
  • It is a progressive, four-year programme.

Student Benefits

  • They will learn a life skill.
  • They will pick up a new sport that they can carry to adulthood.
  • They will become healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident young adults.
  • They will learn basic bike maintenance skills.They will be taught about the science and mechanics of cycling – where possible, we will highlight “coachable” and “teachable” moments where what they have learnt in their science class makes sense through their cycling activity.
  • Among other things, they will learn about,
    – The physics behind speed and cadence
    – How the various bike parts work
    – Basic biomechanics – the symbiotic relationship between the body and bike to optimize performance
    – Physical preparation – the importance of warm-up, cool downs and its role in physically preparing you for a sporting activity, the importance of hydration

Critical Success Factors

  • Technical Expertise
  • Long Term Performance Planning
  • Training Programme & Performance Benchmarking
  • Sports Science & Medicine (SSI, NYSI, MUVE Fitness)
  • Athlete Development Pathway
  • Training Environment

Programme Outline

  1. Getting Started
  2. Braking & Stopping
  3. Balance & Body Position
  4. Shifting & Cadence
  5. Terrain
  6. Obstacles
  7. Bike Repair & Maintenance
  8. Fitness for Riding

For registration and enquiries, please contact us. 

email: or call +65 67846621