Communique 020

Communique 020


We have been given the go-ahead for our Phase 2 Return To Cycling Advisory – this was developed in consultation with Sport Singapore. This Advisory will supersede all earlier SCF published advisories.

In essence:

  • You are allowed to cycle in a group of up to 5 persons– to aid in Contact Tracing (all from the same household or if known to each other)

  • If you are cycling alone, keep at least 3m from another cyclist and avoid his/her slipstream. If cycling in a Group, the Group should keep at least 3m apart from another Group. With increasing speeds, please increase the safe distance between Groups to avoid their slipstream. There should not be mixing between Groups and do not merge with other Groups during your ride

  • Maintain a safe distance of 3m between Groups at Traffic Lights

  • Preferably ride in areas of low human and traffic density (there is NO restrictions on having to only ride in your immediate neighbourhood)

  • Follow all Traffic rules as applied to cyclist on the roads and paths

  • NO Mask required while riding (but please put it on after completing your riding activity)

As cyclists, we understand the excitement of resuming group rides and we expect an explosion of cycling groups on the road this weekend. However, we should exercise restraint and common sense for everyone’s safety. Let us ensure that we do not undo the amazing work that has been achieved by our healthcare system and the sacrifices made by the whole community during this Circuit Breaker.

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