Team Manager Policy

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1. Purpose of Policy

This policy establishes the guidelines for selection of Team Managers at (a) Regional and International Competitions (b) Local and (c) International competitions held in Singapore for the best possible performance of the National Team.

2. Application of Policy

This policy applies to all, Singapore Cycling Federation officials, accredited coaches, registered members and former athletes.

3. Definitions

In this policy the following definitions apply:

Term Who
SCF Singapore Cycling Federation
SCF Representatives Management Committee Members, Secretariat and Coaching staff (full time and part time), appointed Team Managers, Assistant Team Managers, Mechanics, Commissaires
Participants National Athletes, Volunteers, Individuals who participate in SCF organised competitions, courses and events e.g. National Championships, Cycle Safe Programme, Academy Programme, SCF Coaching Courses
Secretariat General Manager, Sports Development Executive and Academy Director (Youth Development)
Staff Finance Executive, Admin Executive,Sports Development (Operations), Events Manager, High Performance Executives, Head Coaches, National Coaches, Youth Development Coaches (and Technical Director when appointed)
Stakeholders SCF Affiliate Clubs, Other Cycling Clubs and Interest Groups with whom SCF engages with on a regular basis e.g. they participate in SCF competitions, attends engagement sessions organised by SCF, SCF Individual Members, SCF Commissaires’ and Technical Commission

4. Policy Statement

Team Managers are selected depending on the number of national athlete and the type of competition. Where necessary, the SCF may select and appoint an Assistant Team Manager.

4.1 Eligibility

To be eligible for selection as Team Manager all nominees must:

  • Be a current memberand be in good standing with SCF
  • Have a valid and current passport, with 6 months validity
  • Complete a Team Manager Application Form and return it by the due date

Volunteers who meet the criteria listed below are eligible to apply for a Team Manager position.

4.2 Selection Guidelines

The strategy for selecting a Team Manager(s) is to support volunteers who have the ability to encourage and develop relationships with athletes, coaches, and officials while creating an environment that allows the team to achieve their goals.

A Team Manager is selected based on their overall management and organisation skills, ability to think on their feet, willingness to provide a total support system for the team and their knowledge of the sport.

  • Desired experience and skills include:
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledgeable of UCI and SCF rules and the procedures at sanctioned competitions
  • Previous Team Manager experience
  • Compatibility with, and ability to liaise and build rapport with athletes, coaches, officials and administrators
  • Suitability in terms of behaviour, ethics and attitude to represent Singapore
  • Ability to handle unexpected or emerging situations in a timely manner
  • Related professional experience such as physician, coach, sports personnel etc
  • Commitment to advocacy of Singaporean athletes and the sport
  • Good physical and mental health

Selected Team Managers will be required to agree to and complete the requirements and duties required as listed in the Team Manager Position Description document (Annex A). A non-exhaustive checklist is also available and serves as a guide for all appointed Team Managers (Annex B).

4.3 Procedure

4.3.1 UCI/ACC/NF Competitions

The SCF Management Committee will appoint a Team Manager in consultation with and based on the recommendations from the relevant Vice President(s).

Team Manager selection will be considered based on:

  • Experience and skills
  • Size and composition of team
  • Athletes and coaches attending the competition
  • Opportunities to enhance international relations

Should there be no application received by the nominated closing date, or should the received application not fulfil the above criteria, the SCF Management Committee can make an appointment at its discretion.

4.4 Expenses

Travel, accommodation, meals and related expenses to competitions will either be fully or partially funded by SCF – please make reference to SCF’s Funding Policy for local and overseas competitions or contact the SCF Secretariat for clarifications.

4.5 Evaluation

Team Managers will be required to submit a report to the SCF Management Committee, no later than four (4) weeks after returning from the competition.

Team Manager Position Description

Role of Team Manager

The Team Manager is SCF’s representative at competitions. The role of the Team Manager is to uphold the values of SCF and good sportsmanship, provide a total support system for the athletes and coaches to enable the athlete(s) to perform to their highest potential at competitions.

Reporting Relationship

The Team Manager will report directly to the relevant Vice President and/or Hon Secretary and to the SCF Management Committee.

Key Focus Areas

Responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:

Managing the team

  • Establish communication linkages with team members so that information can be transmitted in a timely manner (mobile phone numbers, What’s App Group or other methods of verbal or written communication)
  • Oversee the team members for the duration of the competition
  • Communicate information between the host country NF, UCI and team members when necessary
  • Enforce UCI Regulations and SCF regulations and policies – including the need to ensure that all athletes and officials each have a valid UCI Licence
  • Attend all team training and competition events (as practical)
  • Serve as a media liaison
  • Familiarise with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Rules and constantly reminding athletes on their responsibilities on the usage of medication. Where necessary, work closely with the appointed Competition Doctor(s) on anti-doping protocols and highlight areas of concern immediately
  • Establish a support system for athletes and coaches
  • Ensure that the Start List is correct and in accordance to the final selection approved by SCF Management Committee
  • Responsible for the conduct, safety, well-being and appearance of all representatives – this include ensuring that athletes are given their competition and/or training attire and equipment which adhere to the Competition’s Rules and Regulations

Administrative duties

  • Send all team members a written communication prior to the start of travel (introductions and providing your contact details, advising assigned officials for the competition, confirming travel plans etc)
  • Assist team members to obtain their credentials
  • Solve any accreditation, room or transportation issues (if applicable)
  • Arrange meal vouchers (if applicable)
  • Attend all of the necessary meetings at the event (team leaders meeting etc)
  • Arrange for all support equipment and medical requirements/supplies for the team
  • Organise a team meeting
  • Organise team functions such as a team dinner at members own cost (if applicable)
  • Arrange prize money forms (if relevant)
  • Make sure all payments of team members are finalised with host country NF and/or hotelo Make sure that all team members are on the transportation departure schedule
  • Liaise with Singapore Cycling Federation on all logistics concerning the team members

Team support and spirit

  • Develop rapport and camaraderie within the team
  • Communicate and provide a support network between and for team members
  • Building harmonious relationships between team members including family members of athletes, and other support personnel
  • Take photos of the team where appropriate and send back to SCF
  • If possible provide an update at the end of each day of the competition of the day’s happenings, with any photos to the SCF Secretariat Office for SCF to post onto Social Media

Handling crisis management situations

  • Discipline and behaviour management issues
  • Medical Emergency – work with the medical team and coaches to handle all medical emergencies
  • Liaise with the relevant Vice President and / or Hon Secretary or SCF Management Committee or SCF Secretariat should major issues or problems arise
  • In the event of disciplinary, personal or medical issues involving the team, stay composed and use your best judgement

Team Manager at Major Games

Major Games-Specific Terms of Reference include:

  1. Establishing and following up with the requirements of the teams; and providing an avenue of communication with the National Sport Association (NSA), the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) and Sport Singapore (Sport SG) in close consultation with the Coaches/NSA High Performance Department
  2. Attending all meetings and SNOC Special Training Assistance Committee (STAC) Visits/Meetings and be well-versed and punctual with all matters including administrative and logistics matters of the team. This includes:
    • being responsible for the well-being and safety of the athletes and coaches upon appointment.
    • ensuring that the competition attire and equipment adhere to the Games Manufacturer’s Guidelines and the SNOC attire guidelines
    • organising and confirming leave from work, air-tickets (if applicable), passport availability and visa applications (if applicable), rooming, food and transportation, training and competition (in close collaboration with the Games Secretariat)
    • managing equipment and medical requirements/supplies for the team and briefing the team on pertinent information before the Games
    • attending all Team Managers’ Meeting associated with the Games and be well-versed with the Technical Rules of the sport; and report to the Chef De Mission on any importance matters
    • ensuring the appropriate use of the accreditation cards and that the team is early/punctual for all training, competition and official events
  3. Familiarising with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Rules and constantly reminding athletes on their responsibilities on the usage of medication; and work closely with the Team Doctors on anti-doping protocols and medical well-being of athletes. Most importantly, informing team doctors immediately of any areas of concern
  4. Reporting to the Chefs De Mission (CDM) for the Games. The CDMs are the spokespersons on all matters concerning the Team
  5. Ensuring that the athletes and coaches respect the spirit of fair play and nonviolence, and be at their best behaviour; and are dressed in the appropriate attire at Games venues (with strict adherence to the Games Manufacturer’s Guidelines); and report any disciplinary issues to the CDM. At no time shall any Participant argue or otherwise misconduct himself with referees, umpires, judges, opponents or officials. Sportsmanship should prevail at all times
  6. Maintaining a record of “Athletes’ Whereabouts” two weeks before and during the Games. Especially during the Games, the Team Manager has to be aware of the athletes’ movements and maintain communications with the Games Secretariat and Medical departments for security and anti-doping procedures, especially during emergencies
  7. Reminding and ensuring that the athletes and coaches adhere to the Games guidelines on advertisements, social media and publications/photos (including Facebook, Twitter etc.) in the Games venues
  8. Submitting a Post-Games report to SNOC no later than 45 days upon the end of the Games

The Team Manager is not:

  • The guardian of minors on the team
  • The coach of athletes who do not have a coach at the event
  • Responsible for making travel arrangements for team members or changing travel arrangements
  • Financially responsible for any team member other than themselves (this includes damage to rooms, providing bail for team members jailed, etc.)

Level of Commitment

  • Complete and submit required forms to SCF in a timely manner
  • Attend all necessary and required meetings at the event
  • Attend the entire duration of the Competition
  • Attend all briefing sessions/meetings, training sessions and competition events as requiredo During the event,be uniformly attired or wear the Team uniform (if supplied)
  • Conduct in a professional manner
  • Conduct all activities in accordance with the SCF Athlete Agreement and Code of Conduct
  • Be willing to spend time and resources required to ensure team is organised and prepared forthe competition
  • Submit report within four (4) weeks following the event

Logistics Checklist for SCF Team Manager

  1. 3 Singapore National Flag (Size 120cm X 180cm )
  2. MP3 of Singapore National Anthem, standby thumb drive
  3. Spare National Jersey of each size
  4. SCF official attire (Grey/Blue Polo Tee Shirt)
  5. Duct Tape 3 rolls (Black, Red, White)
  6. Valid UCI rider and Team Manager/Mechanic license
  7. First Aid Kit
  8. Team Mechanic (if any) to bring tools, torque wrench?
  9. Check for Team Manager cash advance from SCF (Intended Country of Travel currency)

Before Departure Processes

  1. Briefed athletes, any special requirements (meals/accommodation/training/medical/support letter)?
  2. Have you read the SCF Athlete Selection Policy and SCF Athlete Agreement?
  3. Visited the training-competition-hotel site and done Risk Assessment? Emergency action plan in place?
  4. Country VISA if required
  5. A photocopy of Passport data page and check for 6 months validity
  6. Travel itinerary (Daily Schedule of travel, training, competition) and contact details to stay in touch with Singapore
  7. Emergency contact list (Name/Telephone/Address/Email)
  8. Briefed Athletes to be responsible for care and maintenance of own personal equipment
  9. Adequate Insurance coverage (spexmedic / Travel), international emergency contact number and policy details
  10. Download, printed and read through the UCI Rules for the cycling discipline, competition guide and relevant annexes
    Union Cycliste Internationale
  11. Secured SCF President’s signature for driving Team Manager car? (World Road Championships), adequate cash for vehicle deposit, International Driving License.
  12. Inform Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  13. Identify the Singapore Nearest Misson
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  14. Apply for Exit Permit (For Male Singaporean on National Service)
    NS Portal
  15. Bring doctor’s prescription if you have to carry medication or drugs. You may need to show this at the customs checkpoint
  16. Check health and vaccination requirements of the countries that you will be visiting and transiting
  17. Check onward/return tickets are valid
  18. Check for organiser confirmation of competition event and names registration
  19. Completed Athlete Whereabouts reporting to Anti-Doping Singapore or the relevant Competition authority?
  20. Applied for Accreditation Pass?
  21. Booked hotel?

At Destination

  1. Team equipment accounted for while at the airport
  2. Check with liaison officer / organiser on Team Manager meeting date/time/venue
  3. Ask Athletes if they have any questions to raise before team manager meeting
  4. Collect and go through daily UCI communique

On Return to Singapore (within 2 weeks period)

  1. Team Manager post report and full results
  2. Settle outstanding accounts and stores with SCF staff

A. Risk Assessment to be done by all

  • Human
  • Equipment
  • Environment
  • Cycling Training/Competition

B. Emergency Action Plan

  • Directions to Hospital
  • Address of Hospital
  • Telephone and Name of Driver / Liaison Officer
  • Nearest Medical Staff
  • List of Next of Kin
  • Known medical conditions