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SCF Basic Bike Mechanics Course

The SCF Basic Bike Mechanics Course aims to equip beginners with the necessary basic bike maintenance and mechanics knowledge via a mixture of theoretical and practical syllabus. Suitable for individuals with little to no prior experience.

Course fee is payable using SkillFuture credits.

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SCF Kids Clinic

These FOC clinics are held monthly to engage and inspire the youths of tomorrow.

  • Clinics with Structured Skill Progression
  • Create Opportunities
  • Promote Teamwork
  • Progress to a Kids Race Series
  • Safety Education
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Singapore Open Enduro 2023

21 & 22 Oct 2023

Singapore's homegrown MTB enduro race.

This will be a 2-day enduro event, where descents are timed and climbs/flat sections are untimed. It consists of 1 prologue stage – contested on Saturday, 21 October; and 5 race stages – contested on Sunday 22, October. Timings for all contested stages will be added together over the course of the two days to get your overall result. This is NOT a cross-country race, but past riders regard this as an event that can be raced on cross-country/down-country, short travel mountain bikes.

Singapore Open Enduro 2023 is a Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) sanctioned event. It is classified as a SCF Class 3.1 Mountain Bike (MTB) Enduro (END) event, and racers entered in the event are eligible to receive points for the 2023 OCBC Points Series (MTB – Gravity Series) based on Event overall ranking (1st-10th place), as well as each Timed Stage (Prologue Stage as well as all Race Stages, 1st-5th place).

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Gen Z Alpha Series 5

28 Oct 2023, 8.30am - 1pm
OCBC Square

The Gen Z Alpha Series will introduce an urban setting, mass start race format for cadets aged 4 - 12  years old. The courses are specially crafted not only to thrill and excite, but also allow kids to learn to shift their body weight around on bikes, which is an essential skill for biking on trails, the road, and even around the neighborhood.

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