SCF By-Laws


BY-LAWS 1, 2 AND 3

(approved by the SCF Management Committee on 11 Oct 2021 via Circular Resolutions)

BY-LAW (1) Individual Members

In addition to Articles 11.1 to 11.3 of the SCF Constitution relating to "Individual Members," the following by-laws also be applicable to all individual members:

The SCF will recognise Individual Members as those holding either: (1) An SCF Individual Membership pursuant to an application for membership or (2) A UCI Race Licence Holder which comes with an automatic SCF Individual Membership.

UCI Race Licence Holders are required to comply with all UCI Rules and Regulations.

In particular, Part 1, "General Organisation of Cycling As A Sport," and Chapter 1 "Licence Holders" of the UCI Cycling Regulations provides as follows:

"The licence is an identity document confirming that its holder undertakes to respect the (UCI) Constitution and regulations and which authorise him/her to participate in cycling events. A licence holder may participate in a cycling event organised or supervised by the UCI, the UCI continental confederations, the UCI member federations or their affiliates."

Additionally, Chapter 1, 1.1.006, UCI Cycling Regulations provides that:

"Before the licence is issued, the licence holder and the national federation (i.e. SCF) must ensure inter alia that the licence holder is adequately insured against accidents and civil Responsibility in every country where he practices competitive cycle sport or training throughout the year for which the licence is issued."

The UCI Race Licence Holder should note that the insurance is necessary to provide basic coverage for all amateur competitive riders with SCF subject to the terms and conditions of the insurer.

BY-LAW (2) Membership Fees

With reference to Article 13.1 of the Constitution on "Membership Fees," this by-law declares that the membership fee payable by Full or Associate Members effective from 4 October 2021 shall be as follows:

a. one time membership entrance fee – $100.00

b. an annual membership renewal fee – $50.00

The membership fee payable for Individual Membership (other than a UCI Race Licence Holder) shall be $30.00 per year.

The cost for obtaining a Race Licence is $90.00 per year. Holders of the UCI Race Licence will automatically be granted Individual Membership to SCF without the need to apply separately for membership.

The aforesaid membership fees will be subject to reviews by the Management Committee, from time to time.

BY-LAW (3) Automatic Members

This by-law is issued in connection with Article 25 of the SCF Constitution, "Board Role and Powers," whereby the Management Committee shall have the authority to confer Automatic Membership.

It is hereby declared that all Patrons, Advisors, Management Committee members, full-time staff and national athletes representing Singapore (if so approved by the Management Committee) (hereinafter referred to as "Automatic Members") will automatically become members of the SCF free of payment for their work and service to the SCF.

The term of membership of all Automatic Members shall be from such date he/she becomes a Patron, or Advisor or member of the Management Committee or commences employment or is designated a member of the National Team, as the case may be, and shall end on such date he/she ceases to be such a member of the Management Committee or ceases to be employed or ceases to be part of the National Team, as the case may be.

All Automatic members are entitled to attend all General Meetings as observers, but they shall not be entitled to vote.