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SCF Track Cycling Academy

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A Safe Cycling Adventure

How we do it

Three (3) Level programme that equips cyclists with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to manoeuvre the cycling paths, roads and at cycling events in Singapore. During the course, the following areas are covered - equipment safety checks; cyclist’s personal safety checks; cycling environment and potential hazards to look out for; knowledge and skills in cycle activity

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  • Road | Track

    Road cycling is the most widespread form ofcycling in which cyclists ride on paved roadways. It includes recreational, racing, commuting, and utility cycling

    Track cycling is a bicycle racing sport usually held on specially built banked tracks or velodromes using purpose-designed track bicycles

  • Mountain Bike

    Mountain biking is a sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, usually using specially designed mountain bikes

  • BMX

    BMX, an abbreviation for bicycle motocross or bike motocross, is a cycle sport performed on BMX bikes, either in competitive BMX racing or freestyle BMX, or else in general street or off-road recreation

  • Bike Trials

    The general principle in a bike trials competition is to ride a number of pre-marked sections (usually two laps of ten sections or three laps of seven sections), the winner being the rider with the fewest points at the end of the competition

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