One For The Future

Through the Academy, the SCF aims to equip kids with the bike skills and confidence to continue riding in trails or to venture into other disciplines of cycling. At the secondary level, the programme is also meant to provide kids with a base upon which they can build on, be it on their own, or with a club; upon completion of the programme. With this, the SCF will establish a clear pathway, where kids from the Academy can join clubs to race and develop their race craft and skills, before eventually joining the National Development or National Training Squads if they so aspire to.

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* Content and level progression will be based solely on the discretion of the SCF Coaches.

Upcoming Sessions:

1. 4 May - 22 June

2. 20 July - 7 September


How do I register and pay for the programme?

You can register and make payment for the programme by clicking the 'Register Now' button above.

Registration will close once the class reaches maximum size. If this happens, register your interest here, and we will inform you when registration for the next run opens.

Who are our coaches?

The programme is conducted by SCF’s SG Coach L1 certified coaches or by the National Coaches, who are part of the National Registry of Coaches (NROC).

I do not have a bike. Can I still join the programme?

Yes. Bikes and helmets are available for rent at $10/session or $40 for 8 sessions. Participants should inform us at least 2 days before the programme if a bike is needed.

What should I wear for the programme?

Sports attire and covered shoes is a must. Participants who are not properly attired may not be allowed to join the session. No replacement of the session will be done.

Participants will also need to wear a helmet and gloves for the programme. Elbow and knee guards are optional.

What happens if it rains?

The programme will be modified and will continue in the sheltered area under Benjamin Sheares bridge. In the unlikely event that it is deemed unsafe to continue, activities will be conducted indoors instead. (Eg.Basic bike maintenance session)

I do not know how to cycle. Can I still sign up?

The programme is meant for kids who are able to balance on a bike. If you are looking for a learn to cycle programme, register your interest here, and we will inform you on the next programme available.

I am a skilled cyclist but would like to learn more. Is this programme suitable or is there a programme available?

This programme is meant for beginner to intermediate cyclists. Contact us at and we will direct you to possible programmes.