Organisational Structure

Employee Remuneration and Employee Matters

  1. On matters of salary increments, salary adjustments and promotions as well as staff performance review, the SCF’s Human Resource (HR) Committee would make reference to its in-house developed Salary Guide.
  2. The SCF’s HR Committee comprises the President, Secretary-General, Hon Treasurer and VP (Cycling e-Sports). The composition of the Committee is on two-year term from Sep 2021 to Sep 2023. Remuneration for key staff (as adapted from the SCF Constitution)
  3. The SCF Board may by way of a unanimous vote of the Board members recruit any person to be its Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Technical Director, or such other key or other staff on a full time or on a part time basis, or any entity with the relevant qualification and ability, to manage the operations of the Federation. The Board will make such recommendations to Sport Singapore as part of its annual funding/budgetary requirements prior to recruiting such persons or entity(ies).
  4. For key executives eg. the Chief Executive Officer, the Federation and SSC shall jointly recruit such key staff through joint interviews and evaluation, and the appointment of such key staff will be subject to Sport Singapore’s approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  5. The appointment, remuneration, key performance indicators and terms of employment of such staff shall be determined by the Management Committee and approved by Sport Singapore.

The Board shall formulate policies and procedures to help assess, screen, supervise and train volunteer appointees including procuring appropriate HR provisions for its staff, officials and volunteers, e.g. insurance coverage.  Such decisions will be documented in the meeting minutes of the Board.