Event Policies & Guidelines

Dear Event Management Team, Organizers and SCF Partners,

In tandem with the growth of the sport and the increased popularity in cycling, the Singapore Cycling Federation recognizes the need for the development of a policy to govern the sanctioning of cycling events held in Singapore. With this in mind,  the SCF embarked on a process to develop the necessary templates, forms and outline the process for sanctioning. In summary, the basis for the development of an event sanctioning policy include,

  • Safety and well-being of participants
  • Ensuring that minimum Safety standards are in place
  • Legal protection for event organisers
  • Protection for the sport and the SCF including availability of public liability insurance coverage
  • Website (SCF) publication of events
  • Accuracy in terms of data collection e.g. participation numbers
  •  Co-ordinated planning and structure of national cycling event calendar and timely onward reporting to UCI (including for securing of UCI ranking points, where applicable)
  • Quality assurance of event organisation and delivery

It is hoped that for the development of the sport, event organizers will consider having their cycling events sanctioned (see policy, documents below).

For further enquiries and other templates on having your events sanctioned, kindly contact SCF at admin@singaporecycling.org.sg


  1. Event Technical Guide - Road
  2. Event Technical Guide - MTB
  3. Event Safety Management Plan
  4. Event Sanctioning Policy Overview and Agreement – Version 13
  5. Advisory to Participants Taking Part In SCF Organized or Sanctioned Events
  6. Limitation of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement (“the Indemnity”)
  7. Outline – Event Operations and Safety Requirements
  8. Sanctioned Events – Incident Report Form