Communique 025 - 2023 Club Affiliation/Re-Affiliation


The new year is upon us and our first event is just one month away in Jan 2023. The following are key highlights of the SCF Ranking-Points GC System for the upcoming season, for all clubs and club members to pay special attention to:

  1. ONLY the top five (5) individual points scorers for each team (men and women) will be used to calculate the end-of-year team score for the Top Ranked Team/Club.
  2. For any duo or team race, the calculation will be done based on the individual rider’s timing/position (points) and subsequently added on to the team (points).
  3. Teams are permitted to change their team’s name during the season (although we strongly encourage the established affiliate clubs to avoid doing this as it would have an impact on your affiliation to SCF and, the Full/Associate Membership status). The SCF and the Event Organiser must be kept informed with at least one month’s notice, before the race/competition date and, the Club President or Club Representative will be required to drop us an email to effect the change.
  4. If a rider wishes to switch from one team/club to another, the rider & club(s) must inform SCF - for SCF to review/approve 30 days before an upcoming event. Again, here we would like to strongly advise the established affiliate clubs to consider entering into an agreement with your riders at the start of the season and for them to commit to remain with your club until the end of the season.
  • A maximum of one (1) switch can be made at any time during the season and, individual points secured can be transferred to the new team/club. HOWEVER, :
    • Current team points are NOT transferable to the new team/club.
    • An administrative fee of $50 applies.

*The updated events calendar and the Policy Document on the SCF National Ranking and GC System (MTB and Road) for 2023 will be published sometime by mid-January 2023.


On a related matter, for existing affiliated clubs, Affiliation Form – for Full / Associate Membership have been emailed to you. Please be aware that for 2023, (all existing and new) Clubs would have to fulfil all the requirements stated below in order to be considered as a Full Member, failing which, the SCF may accord Associate Membership status (as per the SCF Constitution, Full Membership status would have to be approved at the Annual General Meeting) :

  1. Have at least 25 valid and paying members, and are not members of another full member/club
  2. Involved in the promotion, training and / or development of cycling in Singapore
  3. Participate in the competitions, programmes, courses and activities organised by SCF
  4. At least half of the Board of the Full Member shall be Singapore Citizens


For new clubs, kindly drop SCF an email to find out more about being a Full / Associate Member of SCF.


On behalf of the SCF Board and staff, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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