These courses are designed and aimed individuals from varying mechanics background and aspirations.

From the introductory basic bike mechanics course for individuals with little to no mechanics background, to the intensive advanced mechanics course for individuals looking to pursue a career as a mechanic with a professional team or a National Federation.

The varying courses will include practical and theoretical components, covering topics such as essential bike maintenance tips, general bike fitting, posture and maintenance of bicycle. bike building, wheel building & many more.





All mechanics course by Singapore Cycling Federation are skillsfuture verified. There are no subsidies, however, you may utilise your skillsfuture credits to pay for the cost of the course.

You may check your available credit balance via myskillsfuture website

Can I bring my own bicycle for the course?

Yes, you may ride your bicycle to the course. You will be able to park your bicycles within the course venue. However, do note that all activities will be conducted on the standard bicycles provided by SCF/BSA to ensure uniformity of training.


In the event you would like to cancel your registration, kindly inform SCF by writing ASAP, no later than 7 days before the scheduled course start date.