Communique 001

Communique 001

The Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) wishes to thank each and every one of you for making 2016 a highly successful year for the cycling community in Singapore!

From a membership base of 58 in February 2016, we now have a total of 707 individual members. Your overwhelming support has not gone un-noticed by Sport Singapore, the People’s Association, Governmental agencies, sponsors and private corporations. We are encouraged by the success of 2016 and we want to make 2017 an even more successful year. For a start, we have set ourselves the goal of securing 1,000 individual members. Our members can look forward to an even more vibrant calendar of local events as well as opportunities for competency and skills development.

We pledge to organise the National Championships and other SCF organised competitions in 2017, including

  • A Team Time Trial (Road) on 19 Mar
  • A National Road Championship on 7 and 21 May
  • A mini BMX and MTB Challenge, in conjunction with the (SNOC) Youth Olympic Festival on 15 or 16 Jul
  • A National MTB Championship on 23 Jul
  • A National BikeTrials Championship in Aug
  • A National Cyclocross Championship in Sep or Nov

Concurrently, we will also be supporting and sanctioning events organised by locally-based event management companies (EMCs). We are already in advanced discussions with the EMCs and the cycling community in Singapore can look forward to the following in 2017:

  • IMEvents Nanyang Hill Criterium – in Jan
  • Cycosports Junglecross ( I ) – 22 Jan
  • E3Sports MTB Performance Challenge ( I ) – 12 mar
  • Cycosports Junglecross ( II ) – 23 Apr
  • E3Sports MTB Performance Challenge ( II ) – 28 May
  • Cycosports Junglecross ( III ) – 4 Jun
  • OCBC Cycle Speedway Club and SEA Championship – 1 and 2 Jul
  • Cycosports Junglecross (Team Event) – 13 Aug
  • 3Sports MTB Performace Challenge (III) – 3 Sep
  • Cycosports Junglecross ( IV ) – 10 Sep
  • Cycosports Junglecross ( V ) – 12 Nov
  • E3Sports MTB Performance Challenge (IV) – 19 Nov

We have worked with our local EMCs to organise our National Championship series and local races around popular regional races so that there are as little clashes of events as possible.

  • Tour de Bintan – 3 to 5 Mar
  • Tour de Phuket – 24 to 26 Mar
  • Tour of Friendship – 29 Apr to 3 May (Bangkok)
  • Tour de Barelang Gran Fondo – 13 and 14 May

Please continue to support us in 2017 and let us all work towards a collective goal of 1,000 members. Towards this end, we are happy to announce that we have managed to successfully negotiate with an insurance company for an improved and reduced rate for insurance coverage on a year-long calendar basis. At $75.00, we will package both SCF Membership and more importantly, coverage for Personal Accident and Personal Liability on a worldwide basis for all activities sanctioned or organised by SCF. This is an “early-bird” rate and we hope to secure your membership/ race licensing renewal by 30 November 2016. We would then process all applications and have your membership and/or race license ready by the 1st week of January 2017, in time for the first race of the 2017 season. Unfortunately, we will have to charge you $85.00 for all applications received after 30 November 2016 to cover the costs of additional back-end administrative tie-ups.

Again, thank you for supporting the SCF in 2016 and let’s make 2017 even more successful!

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