Communique 027 - NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (2023)

SCF Communique 027

21 April 2023


1             We would like to inform the cycling community of the following updates with regards to the National Championship events (ROAD) scheduled for 2023:



New Date


Road - Individual Time Trial

Tanah Merah Coastal Road

25 June 2023

(*) Event date rescheduled to deconflict with construction works and access to the Aviation Park Staging Ground

Mass Start Road Race

Bintan, Indonesia

2 July 2023 – no change in date

Pending outcome of site/route recce on 24 Apr 2023 and the approval of the Indonesian Cycling Federation

Road - Team Time Trial

Tanah Merah Coastal Road

6 August 2023

(*) Event date rescheduled to deconflict with construction works and access to the Aviation Park Staging Ground



  1. All National Federations (NFs), including the Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) are required to inform the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI of its proposed dates of National Championship (NC) events, one year in advance. In other words, we are required to submit our list of proposed dates for 2024 by July 2023. Typically, the window period for NFs to organize their respective NC events would be in June (for Road events) and July (for MTB events). For 2024,

    1. NC road events are required to be held on the 26th week of 2024 i.e. between 23 and 30 June 2024.
    2. NC MTB events are required to be held between 21 and 28 July 2024.
  2. If we are unable to fit our NC events during the above-mentioned period, we would have to request for UCI’s approval.
  3. We attempt to keep clubs informed of the proposed dates for the following year’s NC events, typically by December. We announce this on our social media platforms, website as well as through the monthly updates to affiliate clubs. This announcement also coincides with the call for renewal of UCI licences for the new racing season and club affiliation. Going forward, we would mention a date range for each NC event as well as a caveat that the proposed dates are subject to changes and can only be confirmed about two months before the actual event.

  4. For our upcoming 2023 NC events (Road), while we have announced and published a set of dates, these are still pending final approvals by the authorities including the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Traffic Police (TP) as well as affected stakeholders e.g. construction companies, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) etc.
  5. Our first NC road event was originally scheduled to be held on 18 June 2023. As part of a series of event planning tasks, SCF’s Events Team proceeded to get in touch with the relevant authorities and stakeholders. We received a response from HDB’s Building and Infrastructure Group on 11 Apr 2023 and were informed that we cannot make use of the Tanah Merah Coastal on 18 June 2023 (and 13 August 2023) as the proposed road closures would affect the ONLY access route that heavy vehicles can take into the Aviation Park Staging Ground (APSG) – operating from 7am to 8pm. We were offered the option to organize our events on days when APSG would not be in operation. As such, the need for SCF to change the date for the ITT from 18 June to 25 June 2023 and for the TTT from 13 August to 6 August 2023.

2             Prior to this Communique, an SCF staff had shared information on the above changes to a representative from an affiliate club. This individual subsequently sought confirmation on the date changes via an SCF club WhatsApp chat group and expressed his unhappiness and frustration. He also sent a string of uncalled for WhatsApp messages directly to Dr Hing Siong Chen, SCF’s President and used expletives in separate messages he sent to the SCF staff.

3             Over the years, the SCF has strived to conduct ourselves respectfully and have never taken a confrontational approach when dealing with challenging issues. We, in return, expect the same from the cycling community, more so, affiliates and individual members. Aggressive and rude behaviour will not be condoned. We may ban such individuals or remove existing affiliations if necessary as we strive to protect SCF Board members and staff as they discharge their duties.

4             We hope that this Communique has shed light on some aspects of event planning and organization and the challenges we face. The changes to the upcoming NC events are not in our interest but unavoidable given the circumstances in Singapore.




Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) Board

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