The OCBC National Championships is an annual cycling event held in Singapore. It serves as a platform for cyclists from various categories and age groups to compete for national championship titles in road cycling and mountain bike disciplines. The event typically features a series of races, including road races, time trials, cross-country Olympic and Eliminator formats.

Date: 04 Aug 2024

Time: 5.30 am - 2.00 pm


*Schedule subjected to change



Race Categories

Race Course

2024 UCI Annual Race License

All participants in this event will be required to possess a race license. The primary purpose of a race license is to ensure that you are well insured in the event of an accident. There are 2 kinds of race license as shown in the image below: 

Participants without a valid 2024 Annual UCI Race License will have to purchase a day license during registration.

An annual UCI License is a one-time payment and will be valid for use for an entire calendar year in all SCF sanctioned and organized races.

You can apply the 2024 UCI Annual Race License here

Riders' Guide & Technical questions

Before registering for the event, it's imperative that participants thoroughly review the Rider's Guide to ensure you understand requirements, clarify expectations, prioritize safety and comply with rules,.

Should you have further technical questions relating to the event that are not addressed in the riders' guide, please contact the Commissaires Panel via the email at:


Ready to Race?

Registration closes 27 July 1159pm